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Education First, Inc. envisions a Liberia society where all children and youths irrespective of their geographic location have access to quality education that prepares them for the challenges of today’s world.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Education First, Inc. to be an effective organization that empowers children and youths in underserved communities in Liberia through quality education, health, and psychosocial programs.

We believe that it is only when the health, physical and nutritional needs of children and youths are met will schools have a real chance of helping students become academically successful and lifelong learners. 

Core Values

Our core values serve as the foundation of our organizational culture, key measures of our success, and the underlying principles that guide how we work with our donors and contributors. We live them through our interactions with each other and the communities we serve, our programs, service delivery and measurement, our hiring, and employee development.

The core values of Education First, Inc. are:

Service: We are committed to delivering remarkable service that is based on mutual respect regularly exceeding the expectations of our clientele.
•   We meet our vision and mission through producing internal and external work of the highest quality possible.
•   We seek and accept challenges and critiques to improve the quality of our programs.
•   We treat all clientele and sponsors with dignity and meet them where they are to provide the right services in a way that is relevant to the needs of the communities.
•   We support each other as a team to help provide superior, community-centered service and programs.

Integrity: We interact with each other and the communities we serve in a way that is respectful, fully transparent, and ethical.
•   We approach all situations with honesty, respect and transparency.
•   We respect the confidential nature of those we work with and serve and actively protect client, donor and constituent information.
•   We are responsible to our members, board, donors and the communities and country we serve, ensuring that our programs and activities meet the highest standards of professional and personal integrity.
•   We accept responsibility for our mistakes and make appropriate amends.
•   We uphold the highest level of ethical standards and seek to remedy any breach of those standards appropriately.

Collaboration: We value collaboration and seek partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals. We build strong working relationships and coalitions to help ensure self-reliance and sustainability as ultimate goals of our work.
•   We seek the ideas and opinions of others to enhance the quality of our work
•   We create and participate in brainstorming, project development and
•   problem-solving activities as a staff, with partners and constituents, and in the community.
•   We maintain the highest level of quality throughout each stage of collaborative efforts.
•   We make ourselves available and accessible to others, both within the organization and outside.
•   We are actively available to support each other’s work to further our mission.

Innovation: We develop, implement and share new ideas, creative solutions and leading nonprofit practices.
•   We question why we do things and seek to improve current methods.
•   We practice new ideas and report results for the benefit of others.
•   We will find ways to improve systems, tools and ways of working together.
•   We will not become complacent in our work.
•   We will always seek new ideas and possibilities to further our mission.
•   We are open to taking risks—and failing.

Accountability and Transparency: We follow the highest ethical standards, and demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action that we take.  Measurable outcomes and sound financial management are important elements of our accountability. We expect the same from our partners and those we serve.

Stewardship: We are able to accomplish our mission through the generosity of our members and others. We respect donors’ intentions on the use of their gifts, and how we report to them the resources they entrust us with.

Learning: We pursue and promote continuous learning and professional development of our teachers, staff and other workers.
•   We encourage pursuance of knowledge and skills to improve the quality of programs and services to provide to the communities we serve.
•   We are dedicated to sharing our skills, knowledge, and expertise for the good of all.

Caring: We service underserved and rural communities through our educational and health programs at reduced or no cost to the disadvantaged population.

Empowerment: We mobilize and empower children, youths, and communities in general by providing opportunities for the good of the public.

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