The success of Education First, Inc. is derived from an engaged board of directors and a dedicated group of volunteers. The following core values represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.

Culture of Collaboration and Excellence: By passionately working together with all donors and stakeholders, we challenge each other to achieve the highest levels of professional excellence.

Dedication to Diversity and Integrity: Embracing diversity and delivering the utmost value to our donors and stakeholders, we believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective actions that drives an organization of which we are proud.

Commitment to Engagement and Connectivity: With an innovative and empowering spirit, we engage all donors, stakeholders, and the greater society at large, through solutions and ideas that shape social responsibility trends and advance sustainable, effective organization. 

Accountability and Transparency: We follow the highest ethical standards, and demonstrate honesty and fairness in every action that we take. Measurable outcomes and sound financial management are important elements of our accountability. We expect the same from our partners and those we serve.

Responsible Stewardship: We use carefully the time and talents of those who work with the organization.  We respect donors’ intentions on the use of their gifts, and how we report to them the resources they entrust us with.

Sustainability:  We believe it is important to recognize the value of those who work with the organization by investing in the intellectual and social development. This includes providing learning opportunities for teachers and staff, as well as incentives and benefits that are adequate to sustain teachers, staff members and their families.

Empowerment: We mobilize and empower children, youths, and communities in general by providing opportunities for the good of the public.

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 Strategic Plan 1: Program Expansion

How can we expand our programs to enable us to meet the growing demand of the educational and health services in order to make a larger impact in the communities we serve?

 Strategic Plan 2: Funding Opportunities

How can EFI diversify, increase and sustain its financial resources to support and expand our programs for a bigger impact in Liberia?

Strategic Plan 3: Governance and Operations

How can EFI organize itself for more efficient management of its work in the Liberia and the United States?

Strategic Plan 4: Engagement and Partnerships

How can EFI engage its United States and Liberia Board of Directors and Committee Members to help carry out its mission and operations in Liberia and the United States?


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